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Revel & Company | Holiday Catalog Shoot

As we wrote in an earlier blog post, we had the pleasure of working with Erika Firm of Analog Creative, a Charleston based design company, this summer on a product catalog for the new holiday collection by Revel & Co.  Their products are amazing.......party goods so personalized and whimsical that they inspire events all on their own. The catalog is finished and out to retailers and orders are rolling in.  We're not sure where the products will be available on the East Coast - the company is based in Colorado - but if you have a favorite paper goods store, you might mention the name to them and see if they would consider carrying the line.  Your wrapped packages and party decor will be the talk of the town! We got a sneak peak into what's in store for the spring line (we can't spoil the fun by telling!) and it will be another hit, no doubt. Collaborating with other creatives is what it's all about.   Keeps us on our toes and having fun. See you on the road less traveled.........

September 2nd, 2015|

Moroccan Theme | Athens weddings | Styled Shoot

When our friend and  event coordinator/designer Liz Messick of Liz Messick Designs came to us with a Moroccan themed styled shoot idea, we jumped at the chance to play. Her addition of jewel tone fabric and pillows, flowers, gold candle holders and chargers, and the divine pops (a welcome treat with degrees north of 90 outside!) and pretty place cards came together so beautifully.  Great ideas for an easy but elegant outdoor affair. Add our beautiful model, Ashley, with styling services by Jeni and Marisu of Zoomworks, draped in a unique gown and hair band from I Do I Do Bridal and you have all the inspiration you need.  Let's toast to dining al fresco and color!! See you on the road less traveled..... Shannah and Marisu

August 27th, 2015|

Wedding Lovely Blog features Athens, Georgia

We're honored to have been asked by the WeddingLovely Blog editors to talk a bit about what wedding couples might find should they choose to get married in and around Athens, Georgia. Whether they are coming back because Athens is where they met, or simply to explore other options besides Atlanta, brides and grooms will find a wealth of options for any budget and personal style. Have a read!   See you on the road less traveled....... Shannah and Marisu

August 18th, 2015|

Spots open for Beginner Photography Class

Our beginner photography classes are a great way to start your exploration of the art of photography. Have a nice camera and are still daunted by the volume of information in the booklet that came with it?  End up just putting it on 'P' and trying to be content?  Let us help you. Classes are on two Saturdays in August, the 22nd and the 29th, from 9am to noon.  There will be lots of one-on-one instruction as class size is limited.  And yes, you'll have homework!  Coffee and snacks will be available.  Class fee:  $150 for the two day course.  A $50 deposit is required to hold your space, and the balance is due on the first day of class.  We take major credit cards, checks and of course, cash. A couple of spots still available.  We'd love the opportunity to share you photography passion and help you take your images to the next level.  Call or write today! See you on the road less traveled......... Marisu and Shannah

August 12th, 2015|

Mallory & Colby | Spring winery wedding

There is nothing prettier than rows and rows of spring green vines on rolling hills - vineyard weddings just ooze romance.  After all, one could say the primary focus of a vineyard's business is to create a beverage that turns any occasion into something special.  Sounds pretty wonderful to us. Mallory and Colby had a long-distance relationship for awhile, having met by happy accident at a party neither were invited to (they tagged along with family).  After their initial connection,  Words With Friends factored heavily into their early communications, helping them reach out across the miles to each other.  Knowing that, doesn't it make perfect sense that they would use Scrabble as a design solution?    And you know, it worked really well.  Tied everything together and said exactly what they wanted to in a whimsical way.  It also provided an economical solution for that 'common thread' aspect of the wedding and reception planning. Thanks you two for hiring us to be with you on such an amazing night.  We laughed, got teary eyed and just generally found ourselves smiling all night long.    And we'd like to commend Frogtown Vineyards on their customer service for both vendors and guests.   We look forward to coming back to shoot there again soon. See you on the road less traveled.... Shannah and Marisu

August 5th, 2015|

Erika Firm designs for Revel and Company

Designer puts 'whimsy' into paper line When designer and artist Erika Firm, owner of  Analog Creative Company  reached out to us about collaborating on a design project for Revel and Company, we were all in.  Besides being a friend, Erika is a talented artist and graphic designer whose work we have admired for years.  Her new designs for this paper company will have you making excuses to throw a party just to play with the products.  Even Erika's kitty wanted in on the fun. Erika is based out of the Charleston, SC area, a place we have come to know and love over the years shooting weddings.  It was lovely to be able to apply our talents to a very different 'subject' this time.  While there, we were able to enjoy local restaurants and hunt for treasure in out of the way places.   And since we're having one of the hottest summers on record in Georgia, the fact that we were shooting indoors was a blessing to be sure. This new line - pretty wrapping paper, ribbons, stickers and balloons - will be launched and available in stores this fall.  Watch for the bunny.  He'll take you to your happy place. See you on the road less traveled! Shannah and Marisu

July 27th, 2015|

Making your engagement portraits personal

Making your engagement portrait personal should be fun.  Period.  There are no rules, just your own unique way of telling the world that you're in love and getting MARRIED!  You'll be able to use this opportunity to get comfortable in front of the camera, too (and get to know your wedding photographer better!)  Not only that, but you'll be able to tell your story, the story of the two of you, without an audience.  That could be good news. Especially if you're camera shy. Engagement sessions can be whatever you want them to be....traditional studio portraiture, out romping in the field or sitting in your newly purchased house, surrounded by unpacked boxes.  It's up to you. For instance, what hobby's do you share?  Are you travel buffs or would you prefer to binge watch your favorite show from the comfort of your living room? Do you love to cook together or go fishing or ride horses? Talk about your expectations beforehand.  What do you intend to do with the photographs?  Are they just for the two of you to be turned into beautiful framed prints or stunning canvas for your home, or will you be using them to create Save the Dates or other wedding graphics?  Keep these goals in mind while you talk with your photographer so that they will be able to give you images that are appropriate for their intended use. And finally, make sure this session is one you'll look back on and remember just how much in love you were.....how magical it all seemed, with your wedding plans ahead of you. These are images that you'll treasure for a lifetime.  They are your first official statement of 'WE'.  Don't hold [...]

July 9th, 2015|

August Semi Annual Boudoir Special Kicks off NOW

 Semi Annual Sale Our twice a year special for all our Boudoir Babes is here again!  Whether you've worked with us before, or you're new to the genre, our bi-annual specials during the month of August are the perfect time to schedule a session.  Take advantage of special pricing and great freebies to give as the ultimate groom's gift or birthday surprise!  What's your style?  Glamour girl, southern belle, lover of the outdoors or tempted by erotica, we can guide you through every aspect and give you images that will knock his or her socks off!  Not to mention the self esteem boost you'll get along the way. Write to us today, and just put Boudoir Special in the subject line.  We'll send you all the information you need to get started and feel comfortable about your session with us. All female staff, styling included and new this year - a mini session that's short, sweet and easy on the pocketbook.  What are you waiting for? See you on the road less traveled..........

June 30th, 2015|

Semi Annual Boudoir Photography Special

August is right around the corner and with it comes our Semi Annual Boudoir Specials!  This is the perfect time to try Boudoir if you've been toying with the idea or to create that perfect Groom's gift for your upcoming fall or winter wedding at great savings.  Bookings are for the month of August only in our natural light studio in Athens, Georgia, and include discounts on our traditional packages as well as a special Mini session we're introducing this year - short, sweet and easy on the budget! Deposits are required for traditional packages and Mini's must be paid in full at time of booking.  When it's too hot to be outside, come play in our studio and feel like a million bucks.  Styling included.  All female staff.  Great gift items available. Interested? Book your spot today.  Just fill out a contact form and put 'August Special' in the subject line.  We look forward to hearing from you! Marisu and Shannah    

June 29th, 2015|

Bahamian thunderstorms

We have been desperately in need of a good thunderstorm - the kind that roll up in the Bahamas.  Here the temps creep into the 100's in the shade and the humidity makes it hard to breath.  But in the islands..........well, that's different. I recalled one particular afternoon sitting by a canal in the Bahamas.   The sky was full of cotton candy clouds and the water to clear we could spend hours watching zebra rays glide by. The breeze coming off the water is salty warm and everything just tastes better there.  Great place to be with friends and family.  Or clients.  We're just happy any time we get to travel and see the world through our lens again. Join us on the road less traveled..... Marisu and Shannah

June 25th, 2015|

ZoomWorks photos in BuzzFeed Father’s Day piece

We were delighted to have BuzzFeed, a national online news media outlet, add some of our images to a piece on Father's Day entitled 'Dads are the Best!'  We agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment.  And we greatly appreciate the publicity. See you on the road less traveled........ Marisu and Shannah

June 20th, 2015|

Farm To Table | Summer Night Affair | Georgia

Nothing says summer like a warm breeze, fireflies and the smell of magnolia blossoms.  We wanted to share this beautiful farm to table dinner with you in the hopes that it would inspire you to grab some friends and family and do the same on the next warm summer night. Granted, these folks had Chefs to prepare the food and representatives from a local vineyard to provide and pour the wine for all courses.  So let's change it up.  Let everyone bring a dish, pitch in for a case of yummy wine, throw up some tables in your yard under the stars and keep the decor simple.  Magnolia's have wonderful large waxy leaves that make beautiful 'runners' for the table.  And surely one of your friends has a few hydrangea bushes that you can snip a bloom or two to add to the greenery.  We really loved the way the bread wrapped with a bit of paper and a piece of rosemary used as garnish.  Simple, inexpensive but elegant.  It's the little things, don't you agree? The main thing is gathering people together to break bread.  To laugh.  To share an evening with no agenda.  No schedule.  Just one big ENJOY.  How will you create your next magical moment? Bon appetit and have a lovely summer! Catch you on the road less traveled..... Marisu and Shannah

June 17th, 2015|

Fathers Day | Unique and inexpensive Gift Ideas

Father's Day is sneaking up on us and we thought it would be fun to share some unique and inexpensive gift ideas with you for your last minute consideration. How about a fun grooming kit?  Spice up that shaving experience - and the vintage feel of some of these options is great.  And they're very reasonable. And who doesn't like to be told they're number one?  He'll be reminded daily with this super cute modern mug. Want to help him stay fit?  Here's a fun gadget for under $20. And for the high tech Dad's, give him his own helicopter equipped with a video camera! Of course, we want to offer our We Love You Dad option, too.  We've partnered with Minted, an upscale online graphic design and art company that specializes in creating unique and affordable gifts from your personal photographs. Just let us know if you're interested and we'll set up a gallery for you of images that you have 'hearted' in any gallery we've created for you.  Then you can create your own masterpiece, in the comfort of your own home and have it shipped directly to you.  Very easy with lots of great design and product options to choose from.  He'll absolutely LOVE you for it.  You'll have to call us soon if you want to do this as some items take longer than others to create - but you can always allude to a surprise coming in his Father's Day Card! We have lots of Dads in our lives.....our own, and our clients.....and we think they're all pretty darn special.  Here's to Fathers the World over! And we'll catch you on the road less traveled....... Marisu and Shannah

June 12th, 2015|

Isabelle & Jake | Rustic Barn Wedding | Georgia

We wanted to share this wedding for several reasons.  One, they are just too dang cute together.  Two, they were clear from the beginning about what they wanted (prioritize!), and didn't want, in a wedding celebration which helped them stay on budget and plan a lovely affair using lots of DIY elements and help from family and friends, a trend we continue to see more of. The couple are both students of archaeology and brought elements of that into the wedding day design with their little dinosaur drawings.  That theme was carried through with little dinosaurs as cake toppers.  Precious.  A friend gave them the use of his barn as a ceremony site - Isabelle and her mother spent many days there since she was a child getting hay for their horses so it had meaning for them both.  The horse theme was present through the ceremony decor - horse sculptures, photographs of the bride and her mom and friends riding the trails and in competition.  The bouquets and boutonnieres were made by the brides mother and friends.  Beautiful vases blown by friend of the family Paul Bendzunas held fresh lavendar and calla lillies.  Music at the barn filled the space and cold beverages for the pre-ceremony party were kept iced down in a low sided horse trough.  ZoomWorks provided the styling for the bride and her gorgeous petaled organza and tulle gown  and custom cowgirl boots were a brilliant juxtaposition to the down home and casual feel of the setting, while her bridesmaids looked fresh in flirty pale green short dresses and boots.  Jake and his groomsmen smartly opted for retro suspenders less a jacket which kept them cool. And they had a friend [...]

June 4th, 2015|

True Blue Love | Shannon & Jordan | Georgia Vineyard Wedding

Shannon and Jordan are 'true blue' lovers.   You don't have to be around them for long to feel the depth and strength of what they feel for each other.  Shannon and Jordan put the plans in motion for their wedding after a visit to the Wolf Mountain Vineyard convinced them that this was indeed 'the spot'. We loved the color palette of soft blue, gray and a touch of pale pink.  And given that the day was a bit overcast, the muted shades of the gowns and the flowers kept it all very soft.  Classic.  Aren't the little slices of wood with sweet nothings written on them just perfect?  Like she took a slice of the grape vine and used it.  She continued that theme through the signage - a great and very simple way to add continuity in design. Ok, can we just say that the groom's cake was pretty darn cute!  And so Jordan. We wish this sweet couple and their families all the best in their new lives together as one big happy gathering! Sharing this day with them, seeing them get so excited in anticipation of being pronounced husband and wife, is something we never tire of.  Makes us believers in love each and every time!!! We're on the road less traveled......... Shannah and Marisu

May 26th, 2015|