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The Urban Barn | Great new North Georgia Venue

A few weeks ago, on a Sunday, we decided to stop in  and visit a new family owned and operated vineyard that has been getting great reviews - Curahee.  We had tried some of their wine at an open house the week before and were very impressed.  We were told that the vineyard had a tasting every Sunday in downtown Toccoa, Georgia, and being the adventurers that we are, we had to see it for ourselves. It's a little hard to find, the sign for the Urban Barn is small, but certainly worth the drive.  Patrick and Marilyn Hall, the owners, have renovated a historic downtown building into a lovely space, perfect for dinners, parties or intimate receptions.  This day they had live music and food to accompany the wines being showcased.  And you walk through a great antique store to get to the venue itself - so leave time for some antique browsing, too. If you find yourself on the road, with no where in particular to go, head north and stop in.  The Halls are gracious hosts and the wine is yummy!!! See you on the road less traveled! Marisu and Shannah

May 12th, 2015|

Kids Summer Workshops | Zoomworks | Fashion to Super Heros

Whether your child is fascinated by creatures and super hero's, or what goes on behind the scenes of a fashion shoot, we have a workshop they'll love!  Three days of classes appropriate for kids ages 9-14, boys and girls, are available in June and July.  We also have three day mini-photography courses for kids - beginners welcome!  You will need a camera (or a good smart phone!). Just shoot us an email to info@zoom-works.com and we'll get you what you need pronto. Summer will be here before you know it.........reserve your child's spot to learn and have fun today! See you on the road less traveled! Marisu and Shannah

May 11th, 2015|

ZoomWorks Gives Back | Circus Calendar Project

Each year Zoomworks creates a project that benefits a local charity AND gives us an opportunity to be totally creative - which of course we love! This year the subject is Vintage Circus, and the recipient of the money raised will benefit a local animal shelter.  The details are still being worked out! So stay tuned for our posts and follow our instagram feed for snippets of the story as it unfolds.  Many of the props and wardrobe are actual pieces from the Ringling Brothers Circus from years ago.  One of our connections happens to collect old circus posters, props and costumes, so we raided her stash for this shoot.  Adds quite another layer to the whole look of the piece, don't you think? Oh, and of course, the tiger is a plush toy! See you on the road less traveled!!! Marisu and Shannah

May 9th, 2015|

Cotton Gin Wedding | Irina & Michael | Rustic Glamour

We met this really cute couple at our studio, and new immediately that we were a good fit. Their no nonsense focus on what was important (family and fun!) allowed us to create a schedule that allowed for lots of beautiful moments and great details. Their day started with lots of fun and close friends, as they got ready at the church for their formal ceremony. Irina chose a really bright coral and very very elegant jewelry (can you say 'bling'?) to tie the bridesmaids together and the groom and his friends looked sharp in fitted suits rather than the traditional tux.  Again, ways to personalize your wedding day simply and effectively. After the ceremony, friends and family had a lovely dinner at the church with lots of time to relax and connect without distraction.  Kids were free to play and run about, filled with good food and of course, sweet cake!  They scheduled their exit from the church, when there would be plenty of light and children and the elderly would not be tired or anxious.  Smart! After the formal dinner, close friends and family that wanted to continue to enjoy the day were invited down the road to the Cotton Gin, a casual barn style venue for late night sweets, cigars and dancing.  Personal details, like hand lettered signs and family made desserts, allowed family to show their love in ways that helped the couple save money without skimping on style. As the stars began to shine in the deep blue sky, uninterrupted by city lights, guests spilled out onto the porch. The sound of their laughter and conversation was interrupted only by the occasional cricket or call of the whip-o-will.   Perfect.

May 6th, 2015|

The Mothers Project | A very special Mothers Day

Zoomworks is launching a very special project for the month of May, focusing on  Mothers and Children, and the relationships built between them. Ultimately, the body of work will become a stand alone art piece that will benefit local Athens organizations that focus on, and help, the aging and their families. The premise is very simple.  We will invite Mothers and adult children to our studio during which time you'll be asked a few simple questions designed to illicit organic interaction.  The sessions last no more than :30.  We will record your answers so that we may select quotes from them that are meaningful for you.  During the Q&A we will also be shooting stills, which will be come a beautiful black and white memory for both mother and children as a stand alone art print or part of a custom designed canvas. With these sessions we hope to make time stand still for a moment, and give those moments back to families to enjoy for years to come.  The cost of the sessions is minimal and include your high resolution digital files.  There are a couple of beautiful canvas options, too, for gift giving.  Mother's Day comes once a year, but being a Mom is for life.  Reach out to your Mother today and encourage her to participate in this project with you.  The experience is heartwarming and humorous, bringing out the best in all involved. The Mother's Project sessions maybe booked any day in May on a first come, first serve basis based on availability.  We look forward to sharing your stories. Marisu and Shannah

April 27th, 2015|

Southern Wedding | The Georgia Club | Bold color & DIY details

Some great ideas for adding color to a wedding palette and precious personalized guest gifts for adults and children. Take a look!

April 24th, 2015|

Elegant wedding designs | One Love | Charleston, South Carolina

When traveling to the east coast recently we came upon a lovely shop upstairs along one of the main streets in Charleston, SC.  Intrigued by the simple sheath that adorned the mannequin in the hall at the bottom of the stairs, we went up to see what it was all about.   What a delightful surprise!   The charming owner of One Love Designs, Rachel Gordon, was as inviting as her designs.  We chatted a bit, getting to meet another artist that also shares that space, in-house jewelry designer Jen Bonoma of Birdsong.  The shop is soft in color and demeanor and the gowns and jewelry are simply gorgeous.  Feminine, original, hand dyed fabrics that feel great to the touch, alongside delicate earrings and long necklaces perfect for the bride or as maid's gifts.  Brides should definitely add One Love Designs to their list when looking for a gown.  Rachel's designs were well received on the runway at the recent Charleston Fashion week.   It won't be long before this hidden gem is discovered.

April 23rd, 2015|

Boudoir is not One Size Fits All

First of all, while we maintain that Boudoir is certainly NOT a 'one size fits all' scenario, what does run as a common thread through all our boudoir sessions is the boost of self esteem that every woman has when she finally decides to try it.  Giving women this boost is one of the main reasons we enjoy doing these types of sessions.  After a few hours at our studio, women are laughing and enjoying their time with us as though we've all been BFF's for years! Another universal aspect of these session is that they ARE for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes! For those of you who have never posed for a session like this, or had any friends that have, we'd like to clarify some of the misconceptions about Boudoir sessions and answer common questions.  This might help you decide what direction to go in with yours. It's going to be awkward. I mean I don't know these people and they're going to get to see 'all' of me.   Yes, we will literally be 'looking' at you the whole time as we're shooting and directing, changing angles, paying attention to details, to ensure that you look your very best.  Having said that, you should know that body work is hard.  It's all about angles and holding what can be difficult poses.  In no time you'll forget all about the fact that we just met and instead be focused on our instruction. Kinda like the toughest yoga class you've ever taken.  Your nerves will be calmed quickly as your mind is compelled to pay attention.  We're all women, so it's unlikely that you will present us with something we haven't already encountered.   Relax.  We'll [...]

April 18th, 2015|

ZoomWorks Gives Back | Wedding Wish Packages

Zoomworks is always looking for ways to give back in our community of Athens, Georgia.   Having worked with hundreds of couples for their wedding day photographs over the last 15 years, we realize how challenging it can be for couples on a budget to find a photographer that offers superb images and service inexpensively.  The price tag is certainly justified for the wedding photographer who considers this their sole business:   the work that goes into prepping for, shooting and then editing the images - all the meetings before and after, maintaining insurance, good equipment, education and studio space, not to mention the experience they have that enables them to correct and adapt on the fly.  Still, our heart goes out to those couples that truly value great imagery, fall in love with an artist and their style, and just can't seem to make it work with their budget for their special day. To address this 'dilemma', ZoomWorks is setting aside specific days/months through the end of this year and on those days, we will offer our Wedding Wish Package.   This package will include two artists, and will be deeply discounted.  Those interested in applying should fill out a Contact Form and enter 'Wedding Wish' in the subject line.   An explanation of the package and an application form will be sent to you via email.  Couples can expect to hear back as to whether or not they qualify within 14 days of receipt of their application. Dates are limited and only one event will be scheduled per date.   This special offer is not be valid with any other offer or promotion through 2015.  Non-Saturday dates only. We look forward to learning more about you as [...]

April 17th, 2015|

Urban DIY wedding | Kim and Gregg | Athens, Ga

You could walk into this wedding space and feel the vibe of the couple in every detail.  Kim and Gregg were high on style but didn't want to break the bank to achieve their goal so they reached out to creative friends and local professionals.  The result was a wedding that was both cost effective and fun! Having talented friends and local vendors involved in your wedding allows couples to manage their budget and extend the opportunity to those that care for them to be involved in a meaningful way.  For instance, this love story started at one of Athen's landmark restaurants:  The Last Resort Grill.  Kim and Gregg both worked there, so when it came time to tie the knot, it made perfect sense for them to reach out to the restaurant to cater their affair.  It just so happens that a local baker provides pastries for the restaurant as well, and so they offered to do the cake and treats for the whimsical dessert bar.  A good friend at a local salon created Kim's wedding day look.  Keeping it local pays off in so many ways......connections, discounts and community. Flowers for the event were purchased at the local farmers market and then friends put them together for bouquets and table decor.  Other friends made paper pinwheels that the children carried and then were able to take away as gifts.   The bride's brother is a talented graphic designer so he offered to create the wedding invitations.  His inspiration was the old boat that is parked in the lot at Little Kings, the bar/restaurant that featured both the ceremony and the reception party.  This little boat set the tone for the colors and the decor [...]

April 11th, 2015|

24 hour Subscriber Only Boudoir Special

    Call it spring fever, but whatever the cause, we're introducing a fantastic 24 hour Boudoir Sale for our blog subscribers only (well, if you are a subscriber and have a friend who's interested, we'll take care of them, too!).  Starting at 10am Monday, March 23rd, through Tuesday, March 24th at 10am, we're offering $50 off our Flirty Session* AND including our ZMagazine absolutely FREE to the first two clients who reach out to us during the 24 hour promotional period.  That's a savings of $150 per session! Sessions will be conducted at the studio on Saturday, April 25th, one morning and one afternoon appointment.  Calls or emails received after 5pm on the 23rd until 10am on the 24th will be time stamped so that bookings can be made from inquiries in the order they're received. Credit card deposits are required to hold an appointment.  Deposits are non-refundable, but are transferrable to another session.  Not valid with any other offer. *Flirty sessions include hair and makeup and two outfits/looks.

March 18th, 2015|

Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Your engaged and now the fun begins......starting the planning process for your wedding day!  So many questions and options.  In fact it seems that every time you decide on one issue, two more crop up that need your attention.   It can make your head spin.   Our advice?   Take it one step at a time rather than look ahead at all you need or want to do.  There is an old saying, "How do you eat an elephant?"  The answer:  one bite at a time.  Granted, we're not interested in even considering eating an elephant, but you get the point.  Don't look at the whole, rather look at all the manageable parts.   Let's talk photography for a moment.  The first thing you'll want to decide, or maybe the first TWO things, are:  how much money do we realistically have or want to devote to this part of our budget and what is our style?  Once you've been able to get a handle on the answer to both of these questions, you're ready to begin the process of interviewing artists. Thanks to the internet, much of the research can be done from the comfort of your home, certainly some of the 'weeding out' of this or that artist.   Many times a website will only offer a starting point for fees, for instance.  Or perhaps none at all.  Our suggestion:  go with your gut in terms of the style/vision of the artist first.  Many times there is a happy medium that can be reached with regard to budget, adjusting time lines or even payment plans, but there is nothing 'happy' about seeing photography after the fact that you just don't respond to.  No [...]

February 16th, 2015|

Engagement Sessions | Ideas and design elements

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and that often signals opportunity for those who are looking to 'pop the question'.  We like to take an editorial approach to engagement sessions, as this is the first opportunity for us to really get to know the couple, and work with them in front of our cameras.   What makes them unique?  What are their passions?  How can we best bring out the loving connection they share thru photography?   Ideas range from the sublime to the extreme, but keeping it simple - great location and a few key props - is all that's needed.  The main event is the love that the couple shares.  The excitement about the commitment that's been made.  The tenderness.  These are some of our favorite portrait sessions. The next step, which is also alot of fun, is taking the images and turning them into something whimsical to compliment the design of the wedding.  We can create original Save the Date Designs, Guest Books, custom Canvas - really anything that you can imagine to do with photographs is within the realm of possibility. Have fun with this session.  It's the first formal step in the wedding process that you undertake together.  And it's the first chapter of your wedding story.  Make it a 'must read'!! See you on the road less traveled!

February 11th, 2015|

Leah & David | Charleston | Romantic Outdoor Wedding

Leah and David knew Charleston was the perfect destination for a romantic outdoor wedding. Tradition can mean different things to different people. Maybe your style isn't traditional, but you want to  incorporate an aspect of family into your wedding plans.  This couple settled on Charleston, South Carolina as their wedding venue because the Groom's grandmother got engaged along The Battery at the little Gazebo in the park along the waters edge.  While the rest of the wedding was not traditional, this little detail anchored the ceremony and the day for them as well as their families. Leah and David left the Gazebo and strolled around The Battery before departing to their intimate dinner reception at High Cotton in a horse-drawn carriage.  The Belmond Charleston Place hotel, in the heart of Charleston, was a perfect place for getting ready and editorial photos. It's always a good ideal to keep photography in mind when choosing any of your wedding day locations. Planning a destination wedding doesn't have been stressful or include a massive guest list to have an amazing day. We were the perfect fit for the couple, not only stylistic, but because we were also able to provide hair and make-up services on location.  See you on the road less traveled.

February 9th, 2015|

Missing summer ~ wedding day dreaming

  The lush grounds of Barnsley Gardens in summer will bring out the romantic in you if nothing else does.  Add a mysterious bamboo forest, a beautiful bride and a full moon and you have about the perfect combination of natures best on display.  All in one place. Are you missing summer, too? Photography/hair/makeup: ZoomWorks  Bride:  Chrissy Lafferty

January 27th, 2015|