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Making the right choice for your wedding photographer

The new year has begun and we are starting a new season of meetings with engaged couples working to make the right choice for their photographer.  We sit across the table at our studio from their fresh, happy faces and enjoy watching them tell us how they met, what they’re dreaming of and what they hope will be the most perfect, personal story they’ve ever told.  Hearing these tales never gets old for us.  But it does remind us that there are pitfalls to every step of wedding planning, and our area of expertise, photography, is no exception.

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Regardless of their style, we see them struggle with making sure they have what they want, that guests have a good time, that parents are happy and that everyone is ‘happily ever after’.  And those struggles can lead to stress over the course of the planning of one of the biggest days of their lives.  Our job is to share with them our experience as photographers and to try to help them avoid missteps where we can.


Our first goal at any meeting is to ‘walk’ them through their day to try to determine how much time they will need that day with us.  Sometimes what they determine to be ‘enough’ on the front end changes when we actually go through the time line step by step and they realize that they need more (or sometimes less) coverage that they initially thought.  We try to assign realistic time frames to the photography process, sharing with them some issues that they might not have thought of or redirecting energy to another area based on their priorities.  Things like whether they are drawn to light bright images in daylight but are planning an evening wedding, do they want to see each other beforehand to alleviate nerves or are they more traditional and want to wait until the ceremony for the big revel?  All those things will factor in to how we approach the day for pictures.


We will try to ‘dissect’ their entire day in this manner, assigning priorities, determining their comfort level in front of the camera so we know how to approach them about editorial, creating moments, etc.  The trust that has to happen between a photographer and the wedding couple is huge.  No one will be able to stop or slow down the day, so all players have to be aware and able to be flexible and deal with problems, AND still have fun!  Our belief is that having that ‘connection’ with your photographer, plus enjoying how they ‘see’ the world is the most important thing.  Yes, money can be a factor certainly, but more than that you want to know that your day will be played back in the eyes of your photographer as you will have wanted to remember it, and that your photographers will be an asset that day, will be able to have fun with you and your family while still maintaining that professionalism that’s so important on such a special day.  TheCottonGin_Monroe1












So, as a final note, we suggest that couples interviewing photographers listen to them speak about their style, their experience and see how comfortable you feel in their presence.  Do they make you laugh?  Do you feel like they understand what you’re trying to accomplish?   Are you drawn to their particular style?

As women, we often rely on intuition to guide us.  And it very rarely guides us astray.  With so many choices for artists out there these days, we highly recommend relying on all your faculties to help both of you make the ‘right’ decision about your wedding photographer.

We’ll see you on the road less traveled!