August Semi Annual Boudoir Special Kicks off NOW

 Semi Annual Sale Our twice a year special for all our Boudoir Babes is here again!  Whether you've worked with us before, or you're new to the genre, our bi-annual specials during the month of August are the perfect time to schedule a session.  Take advantage of special pricing and great freebies to give as the ultimate groom's gift or birthday surprise!  What's your style?  Glamour girl, southern belle, lover of the outdoors or tempted by erotica, we can guide you through every aspect and give you images that will knock his or her socks off!  Not to mention the self esteem boost you'll get along the way. Write to us today, and just put Boudoir Special in the subject line.  We'll send you all the information you need to get started and feel comfortable about your session with us. All female staff, styling included and new this year - a mini session that's short, sweet and easy on the pocketbook.  What are you waiting for? See you on the road less traveled..........

June 30th, 2015|

Boudoir is not One Size Fits All

First of all, while we maintain that Boudoir is certainly NOT a 'one size fits all' scenario, what does run as a common thread through all our boudoir sessions is the boost of self esteem that every woman has when she finally decides to try it.  Giving women this boost is one of the main reasons we enjoy doing these types of sessions.  After a few hours at our studio, women are laughing and enjoying their time with us as though we've all been BFF's for years! Another universal aspect of these session is that they ARE for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes! For those of you who have never posed for a session like this, or had any friends that have, we'd like to clarify some of the misconceptions about Boudoir sessions and answer common questions.  This might help you decide what direction to go in with yours. It's going to be awkward. I mean I don't know these people and they're going to get to see 'all' of me.   Yes, we will literally be 'looking' at you the whole time as we're shooting and directing, changing angles, paying attention to details, to ensure that you look your very best.  Having said that, you should know that body work is hard.  It's all about angles and holding what can be difficult poses.  In no time you'll forget all about the fact that we just met and instead be focused on our instruction. Kinda like the toughest yoga class you've ever taken.  Your nerves will be calmed quickly as your mind is compelled to pay attention.  We're all women, so it's unlikely that you will present us with something we haven't already encountered.   Relax.  We'll [...]

April 18th, 2015|

24 hour Subscriber Only Boudoir Special

    Call it spring fever, but whatever the cause, we're introducing a fantastic 24 hour Boudoir Sale for our blog subscribers only (well, if you are a subscriber and have a friend who's interested, we'll take care of them, too!).  Starting at 10am Monday, March 23rd, through Tuesday, March 24th at 10am, we're offering $50 off our Flirty Session* AND including our ZMagazine absolutely FREE to the first two clients who reach out to us during the 24 hour promotional period.  That's a savings of $150 per session! Sessions will be conducted at the studio on Saturday, April 25th, one morning and one afternoon appointment.  Calls or emails received after 5pm on the 23rd until 10am on the 24th will be time stamped so that bookings can be made from inquiries in the order they're received. Credit card deposits are required to hold an appointment.  Deposits are non-refundable, but are transferrable to another session.  Not valid with any other offer. *Flirty sessions include hair and makeup and two outfits/looks.

March 18th, 2015|

Gift Ideas from your Boudoir Session

Have you completed your boudoir session with us?  Have one planned before the holidays and thinking about creating something unique?  You've got so many options to elevate those fabulous images of you looking your very best to art that you will enjoy every day. We can create your very own glossy 20 page magazine with custom cover and interior design or a great 8x8 hard cover book, again with custom designed cover and interior.  All these high quality products if ordered by November 15th will be guarantee delivery by December 10th, shipped directly to you in time for Holiday gift giving.   Click here to see more 2014_boudoir art options.

January 30th, 2015|

Happy Boudoir Clients and holiday specials

We love it when we get little hand written notes from happy boudoir clients.  It just confirms to us that not only do we love what we do, we're making a difference in women's lives and paying it forward. From Natalie, a bride to be: ".....your ears should be burning because my husband is constantly thanking you for such wonderful boudoir pictures....seriously!!  When I look at my magazine, I can't believe it's even me.  How you were able to makeme look amazing, feel amazing about myself, and have fun during the photoshoot is remarkable in itself!" From Liz: "I can't begin to thank you enough for my boudoir session! I had such a great time with you ladies.  I felt so comfortable and confident.  You helped me see a new side of myself.  I have this new feeling of confidence!" These sweet words are music to our ears.  We love empowering women one fabulous session at a time! Updates from the ZoomWorks Studio: We have launched our Valentine's Day special (those in the know have it flagged!) that we do every year in January and February.  A great deal.......you get your ZMagzine FREE with any session...a savings of $100!  Our ZoomWorks Zodiac Calendar is also out and for sale.  Makes a great gift at only $20.  You can purchase copies at www.athensmusic.net or we can certainly ship a copy to you if you contact our studio.  Speaking of the Zodiac,  we found these precious suede flats decorated with the symbols of the Zodiac.    And these modern double-sided earrings from Dior to spark up your holiday party attire! Hope your holidays are full of love, luxury and laughter!  And we hope we'll be seeing you next [...]

December 20th, 2014|


Summer is here and that means getting outside to run, swim, play and get back in shape after winter. It's also a great time to consider doing a boudoir session. We have a Bridal special running now through the end of July for women looking for that knock out gift for their fiance. And in August we have our bi-annual 50% off discount for those that agree to allow us to use some of their images for promotional purposes. Whether you're celebrating a milestone, creating a unique gift for that special someone or just doing it because you've 'always wondered what it was like', we have a custom session and keepsakes that fit perfectly. Many women considering these sessions often wonder how they go about it and what really happens. Let's talk about the top three questions we get asked to better prepare you before you book with us: 1-Where is the session done and who will be there? We normally do these sessions in our private daylight studio overlooking the Broad River. We have several set options depending on your 'style' and access to our kitchen for preparation of any foods or storage of any beverages you may desire during your time with us. (However, we can easily travel to a private residence or even an upscale hotel. Additional fees may be required for hotel reservations or travel fees.) There will be 2-3 women with you during your session: two photographers, and an additional stylist to be sure that look perfect. 2-How will I know what to wear or what to do? All our clients have the option of a free consultation at the studio so you'll be comfortable with us and your surroundings. [...]

June 16th, 2014|


Boudoir is out of the closet. It's one of the best ways to feel good about yourself (other than a week of retail therapy...). And at our studio, with an all female staff with years of experience in the art of posing the female form, you'll be walked through the entire process start to finish. We take all the guess work out of being sexy and looking your best. And boudoir doesn't necessarily equal nudity. In fact, we believe that leaving something to the imagination is much more enticing. Your team of stylists will design a 'look' for your hair and makeup, executed to perfection. We'll go over wardrobe so that we are all on the same page to create an atmosphere that you're comfortable with. And in. While the temperature drops outside, visit our studio and make the best of a dreary winter day. Feel amazing and create a piece of art that is uniquely yours and shows your true beauty. We'd love to meet you and help you reach your goal of AMAZING. It's within reach. We promise.

December 17th, 2013|


One of the first questions we get asked before women come in for their boudoir sessions is what do I wear - that moment when you peer into your closet or your drawers to try to find those elements of clothing that say 'you' + sexy. Not always as easy as it seems. And it isn't always lingerie - sometimes its a sheer dress, or even his button down shirt - with nothing else but those fabulous Jimmy Choos. But we digress.........if it's lingerie you're looking for, the Trashy Diva, with two locations in New Orleans - the Quarter and Magazine Street - will get you there. An amazing collection of thoughtful and outrageous styles to choose from and super cool fashion mavens to help you make the final decisions. When you buy something from this store, you're going to want to have it photographed. We're just sayin........so the next time you visit the Big Easy, check them out. And tell them ZoomWorks sent you.

February 14th, 2013|

When temperatures fall outside, we can help you keep it Haute inside!

The weather might be unpredictable this time of year, but we know a great way to ensure a 'happy dance' for that someone special in your life.   Give her a gift certificate for a Haute Shot session with ZoomWorks.  Not your typical box o' chocolates or roses, this opportunity for her to be spoiled and pampered will be a memory with amazing images to last her the rest of her life. Certificates are valid for up to a year*.  Call the studio today and we'll get her 'best gift ever' out to you in time for Valentine's Day.  Guaranteed.  So you can be the one that makes her smile! *bookings based on availability

February 5th, 2013|

Winter Haute Shot Specials Raising Temps!

It's cold outside so we decided to heat things up in the studio!  If you've always wanted to try a boudoir session - maybe you've achieved a personal milestone or are looking for a really unique anniversary or birthday gift - now is the perfect time.  We have great specials to offer with our Haute Shot Sessions and a talented staff of women to walk you through the process like a pro.   Pamper yourself and give us a call.  Your private consultation will explain all the details and we'll give you guidance for wardrobe and provide expert styling so you'll never have to worry about what to do.  What are you waiting for?  Specials offered with sessions booked through the end of March 2013.  Call or write for more information:  706-227-3777 orinfo@zoom-works.com.  Check out this video promo!! --> http://video214.com/play/m5s3p0m4g8lxjJ3TEPovgw/s/dark

January 17th, 2013|

Love heats up February with Haute Shot

January's coming to a close, which means the month of love can't be far behind. What will you do this year, roses, chocolate, dinner date? All things that fade in short order.... Why not consider a gift that will bring smiles and rewards for years to come... Be a cover girl, or do a mini or full haute shot session. Do it for yourself, do it for your significant other or just do it.  More details coming soon. Limited session dates available so email us now to secure a prime booking date to guarantee Valentine's Day delivery. Easy, fun and oh so sweet! To schedule a session, contact us at info@zoom-works.com, or call us at 706-227-3777.

January 16th, 2012|

Sexy is a State of Mind

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, and the world awash in pink and red, we thought we would take a moment and reflect on our Haute Shot sessions as the most unique gift to give or get. Start a conversation about sexy and you’ll get all kinds of input and ideas about what it is.  What we know is that it’s all in the mind of the beholder.  Sexy doesn’t require lingerie, hot oil, whips or chains.  It can be as simple as a GREAT dress, or that perfect pair of shoes that make you walk with a swagger.  Or feeling confident.  Confidence is super sexy.  And so is a great smile. Whatever it is, the most important thing to remember is that it's uniquely yours.  And no one but you needs to feel the power that feeling sexy can bring to make it valid.  If we were to capture your ‘sexy’ on film, it may be just that – the precious way you smile and tilt your head when you do it.  Or your favorite jeans and maybe his shirt?  Your personality coming through in the image is what will resonate with loved ones.  Don’t worry so much about what you wear as about being who you are.  It’s much more effective to BE sexy than to ACT sexy.  And getting you to that place is what we do as professional photographers.  With an all female team, you are surrounded by people who ‘get’ you, who understand that the media constantly holds up an unrealistic standard for women of all ages.  We love to break that mold every chance we get.  Don’t you???

February 8th, 2011|

Valentine’s Day is coming soon!

Whether you want to be sexy or sweet... we have the perfect gift for your love this Valentine's Day! What to steam things up? Then our Quickie Mini Boudoir session is perfect. It includes a hair/make-up "fluff" and a mini book for your sweetie....This session has limited availability and is an outstanding value. We have four session dates and the only Saturday sessions available is this weekend 1/15!  Contact the studio with "Quickie" as the subject for all the details: info@zoom-works.com After all, you're a lot more tempting than a box of chocolates! Or maybe you want to be a little more sentimental and celebrate your love? The Beloved session is just that: a journey of images showing your connection. Perfect for a new love or one that's endured many seasons; love between parent and child; or even a beloved pet. Includes a lovely piece of art for your wall so you can reflect on your special love everyday. Contact the studio with "Beloved" in the subject line for all the details: info@zoom-works.com.  This session is the perfect way to make the moment last long after the cards have been put away. We also have gift certificates and Zbucks available so your love can choose and customize the perfect sweet treat for you.

January 12th, 2011|