Mother’s Day Gift ideas from ZoomWorks Photography

May is for Mothers Mother daughter moments Marisu and Shannah are honored to call attention to all the Mothers across this nation for Mother's Day, especially those lovely women that have come through our doors through the years. Without their love and support, the world would be a very different place indeed. Let's focus on making Mom feel special, whether her children are two or four legged. Gift ideas simple and inexpensive?  Check out these precious FREE cards that you can download and print at home.   More fun options, from a Kid's project picture frame that doubles as a vase (one of your Zoomworks photos would look great in this!) to a Hug Pillow for Mom's out of reach. If it's food she loves, try this Cupcake Bouquet .  And what Mother could resist these precious note  cards that will remind her every day how much she's loved. No matter what you give, it's giving from the heart that counts. Mothers Day Special Purchase a ZW session during the month of May 2016  and receive $50 off the session fee (session must be completed by August 31, 2016).  Memories are precious to every Mom.  Give a gift that will  keep her smiling.

May 7th, 2016|

Clothing designer provides inspiration for girl’s birthday party

One of our favorite event/party designers is Lydia Menzies of The Party Wagon.   When she called us about her daughters birthday party, we couldn't wait to see what she had dreamed up!  She has some of the most amazing vendors, so be sure to visit her facebook page. She found a beautiful old book about Lilly Pulitzer and decided to use it as a 'guest book' for the party and then use the colors that the designer loved to create the party's palette.  Genius! The girls all had a bite to eat, with special cookies that they hand painted and then they were all able to make their own beautiful birthday cake to take home. There were plenty of other favors as well - cookies, watercolor paintings, lollipops, glamour glasses - the list goes on!  Everyone had a great time and the birthday girl had a party to remember!  Inspiration for any parents looking for something different for their child's event.

December 7th, 2015|

Making your engagement portraits personal

Making your engagement portrait personal should be fun.  Period.  There are no rules, just your own unique way of telling the world that you're in love and getting MARRIED!  You'll be able to use this opportunity to get comfortable in front of the camera, too (and get to know your wedding photographer better!)  Not only that, but you'll be able to tell your story, the story of the two of you, without an audience.  That could be good news. Especially if you're camera shy. Engagement sessions can be whatever you want them to be....traditional studio portraiture, out romping in the field or sitting in your newly purchased house, surrounded by unpacked boxes.  It's up to you. For instance, what hobby's do you share?  Are you travel buffs or would you prefer to binge watch your favorite show from the comfort of your living room? Do you love to cook together or go fishing or ride horses? Talk about your expectations beforehand.  What do you intend to do with the photographs?  Are they just for the two of you to be turned into beautiful framed prints or stunning canvas for your home, or will you be using them to create Save the Dates or other wedding graphics?  Keep these goals in mind while you talk with your photographer so that they will be able to give you images that are appropriate for their intended use. And finally, make sure this session is one you'll look back on and remember just how much in love you were.....how magical it all seemed, with your wedding plans ahead of you. These are images that you'll treasure for a lifetime.  They are your first official statement of 'WE'.  Don't hold [...]

July 9th, 2015|

Semi Annual Boudoir Photography Special

August is right around the corner and with it comes our Semi Annual Boudoir Specials!  This is the perfect time to try Boudoir if you've been toying with the idea or to create that perfect Groom's gift for your upcoming fall or winter wedding at great savings.  Bookings are for the month of August only in our natural light studio in Athens, Georgia, and include discounts on our traditional packages as well as a special Mini session we're introducing this year - short, sweet and easy on the budget! Deposits are required for traditional packages and Mini's must be paid in full at time of booking.  When it's too hot to be outside, come play in our studio and feel like a million bucks.  Styling included.  All female staff.  Great gift items available. Interested? Book your spot today.  Just fill out a contact form and put 'August Special' in the subject line.  We look forward to hearing from you! Marisu and Shannah    

June 29th, 2015|

Fathers Day | Unique and inexpensive Gift Ideas

Father's Day is sneaking up on us and we thought it would be fun to share some unique and inexpensive gift ideas with you for your last minute consideration. How about a fun grooming kit?  Spice up that shaving experience - and the vintage feel of some of these options is great.  And they're very reasonable. And who doesn't like to be told they're number one?  He'll be reminded daily with this super cute modern mug. Want to help him stay fit?  Here's a fun gadget for under $20. And for the high tech Dad's, give him his own helicopter equipped with a video camera! Of course, we want to offer our We Love You Dad option, too.  We've partnered with Minted, an upscale online graphic design and art company that specializes in creating unique and affordable gifts from your personal photographs. Just let us know if you're interested and we'll set up a gallery for you of images that you have 'hearted' in any gallery we've created for you.  Then you can create your own masterpiece, in the comfort of your own home and have it shipped directly to you.  Very easy with lots of great design and product options to choose from.  He'll absolutely LOVE you for it.  You'll have to call us soon if you want to do this as some items take longer than others to create - but you can always allude to a surprise coming in his Father's Day Card! We have lots of Dads in our lives.....our own, and our clients.....and we think they're all pretty darn special.  Here's to Fathers the World over! And we'll catch you on the road less traveled....... Marisu and Shannah

June 12th, 2015|

The Mothers Project | A very special Mothers Day

Zoomworks is launching a very special project for the month of May, focusing on  Mothers and Children, and the relationships built between them. Ultimately, the body of work will become a stand alone art piece that will benefit local Athens organizations that focus on, and help, the aging and their families. The premise is very simple.  We will invite Mothers and adult children to our studio during which time you'll be asked a few simple questions designed to illicit organic interaction.  The sessions last no more than :30.  We will record your answers so that we may select quotes from them that are meaningful for you.  During the Q&A we will also be shooting stills, which will be come a beautiful black and white memory for both mother and children as a stand alone art print or part of a custom designed canvas. With these sessions we hope to make time stand still for a moment, and give those moments back to families to enjoy for years to come.  The cost of the sessions is minimal and include your high resolution digital files.  There are a couple of beautiful canvas options, too, for gift giving.  Mother's Day comes once a year, but being a Mom is for life.  Reach out to your Mother today and encourage her to participate in this project with you.  The experience is heartwarming and humorous, bringing out the best in all involved. The Mother's Project sessions maybe booked any day in May on a first come, first serve basis based on availability.  We look forward to sharing your stories. Marisu and Shannah

April 27th, 2015|

New Year ~ New Life

Reminiscing about how the new year sometimes coincides with newborn portraits....precious little ones beginning their time on this planet with the ticking of the calendar clock as it strikes the march of days down from 365. This sweet little angel is now a big girl, running and laughing and loving her new baby sister, as tiny as she once was.  One of the greatest parts of our job is that we get to follow these children as they learn to smile, laugh, talk and walk.  They know where our studio is, where we keep our 'good model treats' and always ask 'where is the kitty'? Continuum of life.  It's a beat that we never tiring of marching to.

January 21st, 2015|

Pet Portraits with Santa Claus

Every year we donate our time to help a local animal shelter in some way.  This year we're helping photograph people's pets with Santa and we'd love for you to come out with your beloved four legged (or two legged - we love birds, too!).  All proceeds benefit the Madison Oglethorpe Animal Shelter in Madison County, Georgia.   And while you're at it, you can stock up on pet goodies at Tractor Supply!  Multi-tasking at it's finest!!!  Hope to see you all there this coming Sunday!

December 3rd, 2014|

Big impact beach photography sessions

Well, we lucked out with the weather again while on the road.  Plans were to camp out in Jacksonville Beach for a long weekend and create some sweet moments for our clientele there in time for holiday cards and gift giving.  Lots of families, very small window of opportunity.  But we did it!  And had fun in the process. From our sweet Kayla, expecting her first child, to the Jacksons, a family we've been photographing for over 15 years,  we approach every session with an openness that allows for spontaneity, something that we feel really pushes an ordinary image into the realm of extraordinary.  And if you can really focus on being 'in the moment' you'll get what you want every time.     Probably one of the most challenging aspects of family portraiture is getting the dynamic just right, keeping parents calm and kids engaged.   It's definitely an art, and one that's greatly appreciated by families that have kids of different ages, or very different personalities.  But we love kids so for us, it's fun! And we can always consult with parents ahead of time to make the most of the session with a few simple props.  Then a family session turns into something that can be used as a holiday card or a great gift for a grandparent or other family member.     Feel free to write us about information and dates on our next beach session for your family.  We'd love to have you along!  Simple click on the contact page and drop us a note with BEACH in the subject line. Come wiggle your toes in the sand with us.

November 24th, 2014|

Fall Family Portrait Special Oct 11th

Hello, subscribers, we want to offer you first dibs for our holiday portrait specials! You have until midnight September 25th before the rest of the world gets the news.  Just another way of saying 'thank you' for following us!  Just go to our CONTACT page and put Swing into Fall in the form along with any other pertinent information you may want us to know.  Or, if it's easier just to give us a call, we're at 706-227-3777.    Sessions will be scheduled from 12:30pm to 5:30pm on October 11th at the ZW's studio.  A $50 credit card deposit will be required to hold a space.  No refunds, but deposits may be applied to another regular session for up to 1 year.  No wardrobe changes.  All canvas ordered by October 31st guaranteed delivery by December 15th. Here's a way to create a new image for your holiday card this year and have the perfect gift for grandparents at great savings.  We look forward to hearing from you!  Happy Fall!

October 14th, 2014|


Caroline and Danny have been long time clients of ours, and we just love their easy laughter and energy. There is a great example of good preparation for a baby session. They decided on an interior and exterior scenario, had us keep the background light and airy to be able to display the final pieces anywhere in their home (we can also deliver black and white images, or something with lots of color, depending on your style. But talking and thinking about it ahead of time is key.) Little Henry's outfits were simple so that changes were able to happen quickly. Not many babies like to be changed, so timing is everything! And we were mindful of his nap and feeding schedule so that we got 'happy' Henry more often than not. And of course, that the parents are both so photogenic certainly doesn't hurt, but knowing that it's key to just stay relaxed and smiling while the photographers try to elicit a response from the child ensures that all will look great in the portrait. Baby moments tend to be sporadic and very short lived, so everyone around them has to stay ready! Great job everyone.

May 19th, 2014|


We teamed up with Soiree622, a design company headed up by our friend Tammy Tiller, to create some fresh new commercial portraits that focused on family and fun. Her choice of details was spot on.....from the subtle grey and white 'room' to the poppy colored make shift tent outdoors. Tammy is great at taking a few suggestions and running with it, for a commercial shoot or a wedding. She can do it all. And she's right here in Athens. And a big shout out to all the families that were willing to bend to our needs and play along. We think that the spark in each family dynamic really shines through. Brightens our day just to look at their sweet faces. Happy Spring everyone! We're so happy it's here. For more information, you can visit her Facebook page or give her a call at 706-202-4646.

April 18th, 2014|


As the weather begins to warm up (boy, are we ready for it this year!) our thoughts turn to annual outdoor portraits. We thought it might be fun to just run through some ideas on how to prepare. Timing - let's face it, we're all going in a million directions, especially with kids. Generally, children do better in the morning, and we like to keep the sessions playful. Less structure results in more natural moments and expressions. Whether it's a week day or a weekend, look to secure a morning session if you have little ones. Wardrobe - we are fans of monochromatic color palettes, or if you're a color person, keep it primary. It keeps the images from being dated and allows the viewer to focus on the fun and the family. Final Product - if you've made it a point to schedule a family portrait on a regular basis, think about how they will displayed together in your home. Whether it will be a stand alone image, or another 'chapter' in a grouping, considering the colors of the room and the nature of the framing can help us focus (no pun intended!) on what's important so we get that shot. Laying out these decisions in a thoughtful way ahead of time helps us as artists to be mindful of the orientation of the images themselves as we're shooting and whether they will be spotlighted in black and white or color. It will also make a difference in the way we approach our composition. Reserve a time in advance - of course we can't control the weather, but it's always a good idea to call early to be sure that you can get the [...]

March 5th, 2014|


As many of you know, we have a handsome studio cat. His name is Z. He takes his role of mascot seriously, making sure every client feels welcome.That is unless, of course, you have allergies. And then he'll simply smile at you from his perch outside our studio window. Following us one day as we were shooting on location around our grounds years ago, he decided that we'd make good 'parents' and moved in. He was a thin young man, but he's gotten much 'happier' now. So happy, in fact, that our wonderful vet, Sharon Wong has suggested that we work on lessening his 'happy' for his own good. Poor baby. His favorite pastimes are sitting in the makeup chair (ready for his close up) or discovering new and fabulous fabrics we bring into the studio for projects. Ever the camera hog, he's sure to get in at least one of your photos if you're working around the studio. He's so easy and a joy to have around with his soft little purr greeting every morning. He'll even oversee your work on the computer, making sure you 'get it right' especially when 'waxing loquaciously about him. Shannah had never had a cat until Z took up with us. He's won her over completely – a fact that we're sure he's proud of. Seriously...who could resist that face? Do you have a cat that works with you?

February 27th, 2014|


Everyone is on Pinterest these days (yes, we admit to surfing it ourselves),but we're seeing more and more instances of clients becoming overwhelmed by the Pinterest world. So many ideas and options, but so little time. And what ends up happening in many cases is that their focus is lost. It's easy to do. This couple didn't let that happen to them. They researched, true, but they never forgot to come back to who they are. Love of the outdoors, simplicity, laid back approach to life – And it shows. The details they pulled to include in this shoot were just that. Simple and laid back. And it all came together beautifully in one gorgeous concert of love and color. Give yourself permission to streamline and be happy. Sometimes less really is more.

December 19th, 2013|