Spring Green, Easter and more of our favorite things

It may be that we're finally out of the woods for any sort of winter weather with Easter around the corner and our favorite shade of green on display at every turn.   One look out our studio window at the bright white pompoms of the false pear tree that fills that 'frame' put's one in the merriest of spring moods.   Speaking of some of our favorite things, here are some green products that caught our eye. Feminine green pumps by Oscar de la Renta. The prettiest pale green cocktail - yes pour us a glass please! Look at this mint green hair color.  Well, not everyone can wear it, true, but when it works, wow! If you're planning a wedding for the spring of 2017, consider using shades of green for more than your bouquet.  Linens, bridesmaids dresses, even the icing on the cake.  Think outside the box and invite the outdoors in.   See you on the road less traveled!

March 15th, 2016|

How Precious is a photograph?

The Bigger Picture When we began our journey with photography as a boutique studio in 2000, taking pictures for people as a way for them to remember events in their lives.  We were focused on the big picture (no pun intended!)......creating a client base to support our small business dreams.  As we have traveled that path over the years, we've had opportunities to reflect on unexpected aspects of our artistry that were not clear to us at first.  And a much bigger picture. As photographers,  we encourage people to allow us to capture the highlights of their life, or their families lives, because life is so fleeting.  Never have we had that idea brought home more intensely than when we got the first phone call, I believe it was after a wedding over ten years ago, from that couples family to thank us for the great job that we did that day, and to further inform us of the fact that one of the family members in attendance, a young man,  had been killed in a terrible accident and our photographs were the last ones to be taken of him.  Their gratitude was palpable.  We were speechless.  It was a very emotional moment. That story plays out for us more often than one would think, sadly enough.  It's a very bittersweet moment to experience.  But it does remind us that what we do is so important for the families we do it for.  And it is also a reminder to all of us that we should not take any day for granted.  Steal those moments.  Take those photographs.  And cherish them, for all that they will mean to you and your family one day.  Because [...]

January 23rd, 2016|

Revel & Company | Holiday Catalog Shoot

As we wrote in an earlier blog post, we had the pleasure of working with Erika Firm of Analog Creative, a Charleston based design company, this summer on a product catalog for the new holiday collection by Revel & Co.  Their products are amazing.......party goods so personalized and whimsical that they inspire events all on their own. The catalog is finished and out to retailers and orders are rolling in.  We're not sure where the products will be available on the East Coast - the company is based in Colorado - but if you have a favorite paper goods store, you might mention the name to them and see if they would consider carrying the line.  Your wrapped packages and party decor will be the talk of the town! We got a sneak peak into what's in store for the spring line (we can't spoil the fun by telling!) and it will be another hit, no doubt. Collaborating with other creatives is what it's all about.   Keeps us on our toes and having fun. See you on the road less traveled.........

September 2nd, 2015|

Spots open for Beginner Photography Class

Our beginner photography classes are a great way to start your exploration of the art of photography. Have a nice camera and are still daunted by the volume of information in the booklet that came with it?  End up just putting it on 'P' and trying to be content?  Let us help you. Classes are on two Saturdays in August, the 22nd and the 29th, from 9am to noon.  There will be lots of one-on-one instruction as class size is limited.  And yes, you'll have homework!  Coffee and snacks will be available.  Class fee:  $150 for the two day course.  A $50 deposit is required to hold your space, and the balance is due on the first day of class.  We take major credit cards, checks and of course, cash. A couple of spots still available.  We'd love the opportunity to share you photography passion and help you take your images to the next level.  Call or write today! See you on the road less traveled......... Marisu and Shannah

August 12th, 2015|

Erika Firm designs for Revel and Company

Designer puts 'whimsy' into paper line When designer and artist Erika Firm, owner of  Analog Creative Company  reached out to us about collaborating on a design project for Revel and Company, we were all in.  Besides being a friend, Erika is a talented artist and graphic designer whose work we have admired for years.  Her new designs for this paper company will have you making excuses to throw a party just to play with the products.  Even Erika's kitty wanted in on the fun. Erika is based out of the Charleston, SC area, a place we have come to know and love over the years shooting weddings.  It was lovely to be able to apply our talents to a very different 'subject' this time.  While there, we were able to enjoy local restaurants and hunt for treasure in out of the way places.   And since we're having one of the hottest summers on record in Georgia, the fact that we were shooting indoors was a blessing to be sure. This new line - pretty wrapping paper, ribbons, stickers and balloons - will be launched and available in stores this fall.  Watch for the bunny.  He'll take you to your happy place. See you on the road less traveled! Shannah and Marisu

July 27th, 2015|

Bahamian thunderstorms

We have been desperately in need of a good thunderstorm - the kind that roll up in the Bahamas.  Here the temps creep into the 100's in the shade and the humidity makes it hard to breath.  But in the islands..........well, that's different. I recalled one particular afternoon sitting by a canal in the Bahamas.   The sky was full of cotton candy clouds and the water to clear we could spend hours watching zebra rays glide by. The breeze coming off the water is salty warm and everything just tastes better there.  Great place to be with friends and family.  Or clients.  We're just happy any time we get to travel and see the world through our lens again. Join us on the road less traveled..... Marisu and Shannah

June 25th, 2015|

Farm To Table | Summer Night Affair | Georgia

Nothing says summer like a warm breeze, fireflies and the smell of magnolia blossoms.  We wanted to share this beautiful farm to table dinner with you in the hopes that it would inspire you to grab some friends and family and do the same on the next warm summer night. Granted, these folks had Chefs to prepare the food and representatives from a local vineyard to provide and pour the wine for all courses.  So let's change it up.  Let everyone bring a dish, pitch in for a case of yummy wine, throw up some tables in your yard under the stars and keep the decor simple.  Magnolia's have wonderful large waxy leaves that make beautiful 'runners' for the table.  And surely one of your friends has a few hydrangea bushes that you can snip a bloom or two to add to the greenery.  We really loved the way the bread wrapped with a bit of paper and a piece of rosemary used as garnish.  Simple, inexpensive but elegant.  It's the little things, don't you agree? The main thing is gathering people together to break bread.  To laugh.  To share an evening with no agenda.  No schedule.  Just one big ENJOY.  How will you create your next magical moment? Bon appetit and have a lovely summer! Catch you on the road less traveled..... Marisu and Shannah

June 17th, 2015|

Kids Summer Workshops | Zoomworks | Fashion to Super Heros

Whether your child is fascinated by creatures and super hero's, or what goes on behind the scenes of a fashion shoot, we have a workshop they'll love!  Three days of classes appropriate for kids ages 9-14, boys and girls, are available in June and July.  We also have three day mini-photography courses for kids - beginners welcome!  You will need a camera (or a good smart phone!). Just shoot us an email to info@zoom-works.com and we'll get you what you need pronto. Summer will be here before you know it.........reserve your child's spot to learn and have fun today! See you on the road less traveled! Marisu and Shannah

May 11th, 2015|

ZoomWorks Gives Back | Circus Calendar Project

Each year Zoomworks creates a project that benefits a local charity AND gives us an opportunity to be totally creative - which of course we love! This year the subject is Vintage Circus, and the recipient of the money raised will benefit a local animal shelter.  The details are still being worked out! So stay tuned for our posts and follow our instagram feed for snippets of the story as it unfolds.  Many of the props and wardrobe are actual pieces from the Ringling Brothers Circus from years ago.  One of our connections happens to collect old circus posters, props and costumes, so we raided her stash for this shoot.  Adds quite another layer to the whole look of the piece, don't you think? Oh, and of course, the tiger is a plush toy! See you on the road less traveled!!! Marisu and Shannah

May 9th, 2015|

2015 Zodiac Calendar now on SALE

Our friends at Avid bookstore and Athens Music have generously agreed to assist us in promoting our 2015 ZoomWorks Zodiac Calendar.  Just click here to purchase on line through Athens Music or stop by Avid to grab your copy in person.  The calendars are only $20 and a portion of the proceeds benefits the Jeannette Rankin Foundation, a non-profit that helps women fulfill their dreams of higher education.  Thank you so very much.

January 30th, 2015|

New adventures and art projects for 2015

A new year has begun, and we're so excited about all the new art projects and adventures  we have planned for 2015!  We're setting goals, and making wish lists.......but most of all, we continue to be grateful for lovin' what we do and all the folks we do it for. Taking the road less traveled!! Marisu, Shannah, Deanna and Z kitty

January 30th, 2015|

2015 Zoomworks Zodiac Calendar on SALE NOW!

Our stunning 2015 calendar centered on the feminine aspect of the Zodiac Calendar is on sale now for only $20  A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Jeannette Rankin Society, a non-profit foundation that awards scholarships to women over 35 who have a dream of higher education.  www.rankinfoundation.org.  Calendars may be purchased by simply calling the studio, 706.227.3777, or emailing us at info@zoom-works.com. We accept credit cards and personal checks.  Checks should be made out to ZoomWorks LLC and mailed to the studio at: 585 White Circle Unit 502, Athens, GA, 30605. Please include your mailing address if you choose to have them shipped to you directly.  Shipping out of state not included. Help us help others and purchase your copies today.  They make thoughtful gifts that recipients will enjoy all year long.

January 30th, 2015|

Valentines Day Specials Kicking in Early for 2015

The first quarter of every year we offer a Valentine's Boudoir Special which applies to all Boudoir Sessions completed and paid for in January and February of that year.  For more information on next year's special, please fill out a contact form and write 'Valentine Special' in the event slot.  Give that special someone or fiance the best Valentine's Day Present ever!!!

January 30th, 2015|

Gift Ideas from your Boudoir Session

Have you completed your boudoir session with us?  Have one planned before the holidays and thinking about creating something unique?  You've got so many options to elevate those fabulous images of you looking your very best to art that you will enjoy every day. We can create your very own glossy 20 page magazine with custom cover and interior design or a great 8x8 hard cover book, again with custom designed cover and interior.  All these high quality products if ordered by November 15th will be guarantee delivery by December 10th, shipped directly to you in time for Holiday gift giving.   Click here to see more 2014_boudoir art options.

January 30th, 2015|

Tracy Jeffries

Tracy Jefferies, a great woman and fabulously talented painter, has her art hanging in the dining room at Ashford Manor. When I look at her work, it always puts me in the best mood. So rich, beautifully blended colors...if you are a collector of art, her pieces are definitely ones you would want to consider. I’ve always been told to buy art because you love it, not because it will gain value. Well, Tracy’s paintings are winners in both camps. -Marisu

May 25th, 2009|