Social Media and image continuity

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Working with a variety of business clients over the years, we find time and again that there is confusion about just how to go about marketing effectively for social media.  In answer to that need, our company is providing a service whereby we generate modern images for your company website, business cards and marketing material,  AND  help you with your marketing strategies across various social media platforms.  For instance, we can help you decide where you should be and then create dynamic imagery to work within those designs.  We will create original designs for you, and work with you to make sure they are updated regularly, which frees you up to focus on your business.  In addition, there are a variety of locations available for shoots that can be tailored to your needs as well.   Let’s face it – photography and marketing are natural partners, and we will help you stay on point with both.

How does it work?  You have options (we love options) – asks can be approached on a project by project basis, or you can contract us to handle various needs – quarterly for instance, with a review after each contract period.  As small business owners ourselves, we understand how important it is to be flexible.  We’re here to make sure you reach your business goals and simplify your life.  Doesn’t that sound good?

Workshops and Mentor Programs

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personalized mentor program

Have you decided that you want to be a professional photographer?  Sign up for one of our mentor series and receive personalized one on one guidance.  Don’t make unnecessary mistakes….let us help you get it right the first time.  Please contact us to schedule your initial complimentary consultation.