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Adult photography classes


Digital Photography for the Creative Consumer  Fee:  $165 per person

So you love photography and took the plunge to purchase a great SLR camera thinking it would help you create the photos you see in your mind.  You took  one look at the 3 inch thick manual and tons of controls and you set it on AUTO and haven’t tried anything else since.  Trouble is your photos still aren’t coming out the way you want them to.

This class is for you!  We’ll cover basic photography concepts without getting overly  technical and open up all those wonderful options for you to create the images you want. Our day will start with coffee, tea and snacks so we can get to know each other. Then we’ll settle in at our studio for overviews and hands-on practice. We’ll send you on your way with an assignment for the week so you can continue to hone your new skills.

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Specific topics will be covered with companion assignments to be completed outside of class

All classes are held at a location in Athens, to be determined at the time the class is scheduled.  Groups are intentionally kept small so that there is a great deal of one-on-one instruction.  We prefer students at least 16 years of age, but are open to include someone younger on a case by case basis.  Personal instruction is also a possibility.  Please see the Mentor Series below for a description of what that entails.


  • Digital SLR camera and at least one lens. If you have more,  bring them
  • External flash units, cords or other “stuff” that came with your camera

**Please bring your manual, each camera is very different as to the location of the controls and features so we’ll need to have a way to reference how/where to change settings on your camera if it’s not obvious- don’t worry,  you don’t have to read it or understand it before you come! If you’ve lost it you can usually download a copy online.

To reserve your space a $50 deposit is required and payment in full  is due at first class and may be paid via CC, check or cash.  Class size limited; however, a minimum of two students is required in order for a class to be scheduled.  Again, if you prefer private classes, please see our Mentor Series below.

Call 706-227-3777 or email to complete sign-up.

-One on One Workshops-


Throughout the year we also offer the opportunity for students to work with us one on one for a one day workshop focused on a single issue like off camera flash, depth of field or effective posing so that students may ‘dig down’ into a particular aspect of their photography experience.  This is a great option for students from our beginner classes to be able to feel more comfortable about a particular item that they may have had issues with during the group session.  Inquire for schedule and pricing as this is a custom option and will be streamlined to fit the needs of the student.