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How many people get to do what they love their entire careers? I feel so fortunate to say I’m one of those people. As a kid, I had a passion for two things:  telling stories and making art.  As an adult I found photography and graphic design- the perfect way to do both.
When our company ZoomWorks launched in 1999 it was because Marisu and I were both lovers of imagery who found a common vision in taking the ‘uncommon view’ of life. Through the years we’ve found joy in telling the stories of our clients lives.  As a result, our business has continued to grow and thrive as we’ve moved seamlessly between the personal and professional worlds of our clients.
I now find myself at a new crossroad on my journey – an opportunity for me to enhance what I bring to the table at my photography business* through new experiences. The University of Georgia has always been in our backyard.  I graduated with my master’s degree from UGA and thought it would stay just that, a pleasant neighbor.   This year, I find myself back at my alma mater with a dual faculty/staff appointment.  I’m reaching back to my roots in journalism to work with the Vice President for Public Service and Outreach as a photographer & designer.  This position offers me the opportunity to tell meaningful stories across our state about the good works and positive impact of UGA on the citizens of Georgia. It’s fulfilling and fun!
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In addition, I now teach part time at the UGA Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication. This fall I’ll be part of the launch of a brand new curriculum designed to create well-rounded journalists for the 21st century.  My focus will be on visual communication – a perfect compliment to the work I do through my company,  ZoomWorks.
The beauty of life is that you never know where it will lead.  While I’ve never known “busy” quite like I do these days (an active family and three unique jobs!) I do know I’m just where I belong.
Shannah Montgomery
ZoomWorks Photography
*Shannah Cahoe Montgomery co-founded ZoomWorks in 1999, where she continues to serve as a principal photographer and designer. In addition, she holds an appointment to the faculty at the University of Georgia Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication and travels around Georgia photographing for the Vice President of Public Service and Outreach at UGA.