The Bigger Picture

front Busch 2012

When we began our journey with photography as a boutique studio in 2000, taking pictures for people as a way for them to remember events in their lives.  We were focused on the big picture (no pun intended!)……creating a client base to support our small business dreams.  As we have traveled that path over the years, we’ve had opportunities to reflect on unexpected aspects of our artistry that were not clear to us at first.  And a much bigger picture.

As photographers,  we encourage people to allow us to capture the highlights of their life, or their families lives, because life is so fleeting.  Never have we had that idea brought home more intensely than when we got the first phone call, I believe it was after a wedding over ten years ago, from that couples family to thank us for the great job that we did that day, and to further inform us of the fact that one of the family members in attendance, a young man,  had been killed in a terrible accident and our photographs were the last ones to be taken of him.  Their gratitude was palpable.  We were speechless.  It was a very emotional moment.


That story plays out for us more often than one would think, sadly enough.  It’s a very bittersweet moment to experience.  But it does remind us that what we do is so important for the families we do it for.  And it is also a reminder to all of us that we should not take any day for granted.  Steal those moments.  Take those photographs.  And cherish them, for all that they will mean to you and your family one day.  Because you can’t wind back the clock.

See you on the road less traveled……

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