In this age of ‘selfie’ promotion we’d like to voice an opinion about using such an image in a professional application as your head shot.  (And we’re not talking about Facebook.)  Are you going to be entering the work force soon?  Or looking to change jobs or apply for a better one? Or just updating an online presence whether it’s on your own site or a networking site like Linkedin? Much, if not all, the preliminary steps in this process are now done online.  Gone are the days of handing in a written application, and if called, have that initial opportunity to make an impression in person.  People can now see you virtually and in an instance decide if they want to take the process to the next level.  Given the importance of that first online response, we are baffled by the number of portraits that make it to the internet posing as professional head shots.  Especially when having the alternative is so easily within reach, both in time and budget.

It’s been said that you should not dress for the job you’re applying for but the job that you believe you can have.  A professionally taken head shot can allow you to put forth your ‘best’ face.  Relaxed, polished and professional.  Ready to be taken seriously for that perfect job or to be trusted by those clients you are trying to solicit.

We have a studio that’s versatile enough to capture that classic corporate image, or a warm lifestyle portrait, or even a shot with an edge if you’re looking to market yourself as an artist/actor.  We’re also quite mobile and happy to bring our compact set-up and expertise to your place of business as an efficient way to get great images of all your employees.

A Mini session for an individual head shot can be completed in less than 30 minutes. We take care of light grooming on the front end (or complete hair and makeup services if you wish) and subtle ‘polishing’ on the back end.  You’ll have high resolution rights released digital files to use as you see fit within days.

Don’t get lost in the crowd.  Stand out.  For all the right reasons.

Shannah and Marisu

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