colorful birthday cakes

Our client and frequent collaborator, Lydia Menzies of Party Wagon, created another big hit with her ‘teeny-tiny’ theme for her daughter’s first teen birthday.  And we’re super excited to share the results with you!

tiny candy apple party favors

It’s a bit hard to see the scale here we realize, but just so you know, each of these elements are a fraction of the size of their normal counterparts – ‘teeny’, right?.  But no details were left out in the process.  Really amazing – and that’s where the fun begins.

tiny cupcake garland decoration

tiny party hats for teen

From the garlands of teeny yarn cupcakes to the teeny party hats that would fit on the end of your finger – one just marvels at the perfection and all the fabulous color!  For instance, look at these tiny chicks and butterflies and tell us you don’t go ‘awww…’

tiny green drinking glasses

tiny juice glasses

Lydia’s signature attention to detail and rich, bright colors always makes her party’s so unique and memorable.  You can’t help but smile when you see it all.  And it’s not just the kids that get excited…….. parents get a kick out of it too!  Check out her website and get started planning your next amazing event!

teen birthday party table