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Spring Mini Portrait Sessions all April

It's been a challenging spring....warm one day, cold the next.....but we're bringing back our Spring Mini Portrait Session for the entire month of April.  Surely we'll get some pretty days, right?  These little portrait gems are super popular.   Short, sweet and easy on the budget, they create images that [...]

Holiday Mini Sessions this October

Back by popular demand - Holiday Mini Sessions for the month of October.  These sessions are perfect for your pocket book and your schedule - short, sweet and affordable. We all have fun for :30, you get an private online gallery for viewing/sharing and then we send you your top [...]

Teen party with ‘teeny’ details is big hit

Our client and frequent collaborator, Lydia Menzies of Party Wagon, created another big hit with her 'teeny-tiny' theme for her daughter's first teen birthday.  And we're super excited to share the results with you! It's a bit hard to see the scale here we realize, but just so you know, each [...]

Doing what you love

How many people get to do what they love their entire careers? I feel so fortunate to say I'm one of those people. As a kid, I had a passion for two things:  telling stories and making art.  As an adult I found photography and graphic design- the perfect way [...]

Think your child can model?

Our studio frequently gets calls from parents who are told by family, friends – even strangers, that their child could model.   They ask ‘What should I do next?” Having worked in film, television and print* for many years, on both sides of the camera, there is much I am happy to share to make the process simpler and hopefully more satisfying for everyone involved.   […]

New color palette inspiration

We don't know about you, but we're always looking for color and design inspiration for our spaces, whether it be our studio or our homes. It has been our pleasure over the last year to work alongside Erika at AnalogCreative on projects involving the most diverse clientele. One of them, [...]

Navigating the social media image jungle

In today's business arena, navigating the social media image jungle can be a real challenge.  Having a clear, concise and modern visual message has never been more important. A dynamic image can make the difference in a clients first impression, directly affecting your bottom line.  (We hear from clients all [...]

Mother’s Day Gift ideas from ZoomWorks Photography

May is for Mothers Mother daughter moments Marisu and Shannah are honored to call attention to all the Mothers across this nation for Mother's Day, especially those lovely women that have come through our doors through the years. Without their love and support, the world would be a very different [...]

Spring Green, Easter and more of our favorite things

It may be that we're finally out of the woods for any sort of winter weather with Easter around the corner and our favorite shade of green on display at every turn.   One look out our studio window at the bright white pompoms of the false pear tree that [...]